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Batman University Necat Nasroğlu Project Competition

Batman University Necat Nasroğlu Project Competition

The main theme of the Necat Nasıroğlu Project Competition, which will be held for the third time hosted by Batman University together with the Industry-Work World Cooperation Development Application and Research Centre and Necat Nasıroğlu Education and Culture Foundation, has been determined as "Innovation in Energy". Participants with project ideas and products in this field will be able to make their applications until 15 January 2024 at https://batman.edu.tr/Birimler/1630/sayfalar/20644.

After the project applications are evaluated by a committee consisting of academic and sector representatives, the 20 most successful projects will be invited to the exhibition. With the second voting at the exhibition, the top 3 projects will be selected to be presented at the conference to be held on the same day. At the conference, the ranking of the top three projects will be determined by the votes of the participants present there.

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