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Part-time Student Recruitment

Part-time Student Recruitment

Within the framework of the Procedures and Principles Regarding Part-Time Student Employment in Higher Education Institutions, part-time student employment is provided within the units of our university in order to ensure that our students are prepared for business life during the school period and at the same time to support them financially.

In this respect, 3 part-time students (15 hours of work per week) will be employed within the Project Support Office.The criteria to be sought in the applicants are as follows:

- Registered at Ibn Haldun University,

- The one who has not been disciplined,

- Interested in national and international project calls,

- Suitable for team work,

- Strong communication skills,

- Researcher and willing to learn,

- They will be able to work 15 hours a week in line with the course programme,

Interested students are required to fill out and sign the application form below and send it to pdo@ihu.edu.tr with their student documents until 10 January 2024.