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Public University Industry Cooperation Unit

Public University Industry Cooperation Unit

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) Public-University-Industry Cooperation (KUSI) Unit carries out activities in line with strategic goals in accordance with the mission and vision of the university within the Project Support Office. In this context, the duties and responsibilities of the RUSI Unit can be listed as follows:

- To increase the capacity of the Project Support Office.

- To provide project consultancy services to academia and industry (project writing, execution, reporting) within the scope of Public, University, Industry and Civil Society (KUSI) Cooperation.

- To support the coordination of the R&D-based activities of theÜSI organisations in order to find partners from public, NGO and private organisations for the development of projects to benefit from national grants and support programmes.

- To ensure that academicians benefit from national grants and support programmes for the presentation, implementation and commercialisation of their scientific studies to the sectors in need.

- To ensure that the requests from the industry are directed to the right academician with the expertise of the subject at the university and that consultancy services are received.

- Establishment of meeting platforms for the KUSI.

- Carrying out studies on the need for KUSI in line with the information obtained during industrialist visits to identify the problems of civil society and industry.

- Providing services on issues such as contract management, legal counselling and follow-up of financial issues in projects at the cooperation stage.

- Budget follow-up of projects supported by national funding organisations within the scope of KUSI, and approval of procurement and payment approvals

- Financial and technical project follow-up of indirectly supported KUSI projects

- Ensuring up-to-date information flow by communicating with funding organisations.

- Ensuring that the necessary resources (personnel, subcontracts, purchases, invoice tracking, graduate student assignments, etc.) are provided for the projects,

- To participate in the preparation of the annual activity report, internal audit, strategic plan, to ensure that the results are followed up and delivered to the relevant units on time.

- To assist the document flow and coordination between the units regarding the projects.

- To use all the resources of the unit efficiently and economically

- To assist all managers and colleagues in administrative and technical matters,

- To assist in the provision of machinery, equipment and training tools to be used in Project Coordination activities.

- To encourage academic and administrative staff to prepare projects.

- To keep the unit archive and movable property records in order.