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Capacity Building Projects

Capacity building projects are projects for training, consultancy or coaching services designed to improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of organisations or individuals. These projects include analysing the needs of target groups, developing appropriate solutions and evaluating the results.

In order to develop institutional capacity within Ibn Haldun University, projects are prepared within the scope of creating infrastructure in various fields, especially in the field of social sciences. With these projects, the number of services that the institution can provide to outsiders is increased and in this way, both effective applications in terms of financing and the training of qualified human resources in terms of increasing the competencies of the institution and internal stakeholders are contributed.


Executor: M*** G***

Faculty/Department/Unit: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences/ Comparative Literature

Supporting Organisation: Istanbul Development Agency 

Executor: İ*** B***

Faculty/Department/Unit: Faculty of Communication / New Media and Communication

Supporting Organisation: Istanbul Development Agency 

Executor: A*** O*** K***

Faculty/Department/Unit: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Business Administration

Supporting Organisation: Istanbul Development Agency 

Executor: M*** A*** B***

Faculty/Department/Unit: Faculty of Educational Sciences/ Educational Sciences

Supporting Organisation: Istanbul Development Agency