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Grant Projects Unit

Grant Projects Unit

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) Grant Projects Unit carries out activities in line with strategic goals in accordance with the mission and vision of the university within the Project Support Office. In this context, the duties and responsibilities of the Scientific Research Projects Unit can be listed as follows:

- To follow the announcements of current project and grant programmes, to share the programmes that meet the eligibility requirements via e-mail and other networks,

- Organising events for the members of the university under the coordination of the management and related units to encourage and motivate project applications, informing and directing participants,

- To carry out conformity control (technical control, budget control, etc.) of the projects assigned to him/her within the specified time,

- To deliver the projects checked for conformity to the applicant with the approval of the coordinator and the directorate for revision procedures,

- To forward the revised project to the coordinator and directorate with the final control,

- To determine the funding sources that faculty members, researchers and students can apply for according to their research fields and to initiate the project development process for applications under the supervision of the coordinator and directorate,

- To inform faculty members, researchers and students about funding sources and to provide necessary guidance,

- To ensure applicant-university coordination in the administrative / financial processes of the supported projects,

- Providing support and counselling for the successful project proposals in the contract preparation phase, providing the necessary documents and providing support and counselling during the contract processes,

- To follow up the projects carried out and routinely inform the management about the progress,

- To follow up the expenditures, support amounts and incoming payments related to the projects assigned to him/her and report them to the management,

- To prepare visual or written presentations on the status of the projects assigned to him/her and to ensure that they are published on the website and social media tools,

- Directing the applicant to the relevant units in project collaborations and intellectual property rights processes,

- To file and archive the relevant documents (lists, copies of documents, etc.) that have been checked,

- To work in accordance with the relevant documents (directives, procedures, etc.) in force in the field of duty,