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Director's Message

Director's Message,

Ibn Haldun University Project Support Office (PDO) started its activities in 2018 with a focus on "Social Innovation," "Social Entrepreneurship," and "Society 5.0." As the Project Support Office in our Social Sciences University, we aim to develop projects in collaboration with partners from the public, university, industry, and civil society sectors who work on social issues, in order to create a human-centered impact in society.

As PDO, we focus on project support calls for our academics, students, administrative staff, and representatives of external partners, and after the announcement and information sharing of project calls, we facilitate the formation of a project team with the interested parties.

The initial steps of project planning, including information meetings, sharing goals, scope, and work packages, are discussed, and recommendations from an evaluative perspective on financial and legal considerations are provided to complete the project application process.

By organizing knowledge transfer programs with successful project managers receiving support from national and international funding agencies, we aim to spread project achievements throughout the university and flourish a project culture within our institution.

The project design processes are carried out by the Project Support Office by including the appropriate partners in the process in order to produce qualified outputs with a proactive approach to the information produced at our university. As a Social Sciences university, the outputs obtained from the projects are evaluated as impact-oriented. In addition to the academic value of the project outputs, it can also create an economic value in the focus of impact it creates on the target group. In the last 10 years, the commercial value of project outcomes has been supported and encouraged by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology through the entrepreneurship model adopted by researchers and academics in universities.

The Project Support Office has customized the journey of project planning, from the idea stage to licensing of intellectual property rights, by conducting partner research, project planning, project management, entrepreneurship, and early-stage incubation periods, providing an interface mechanism with a focus on the social sciences, similar to TÜBİTAK's Technology Transfer Office.

Our Project Support Office organisation structure with a focus on Social Science;

  • Promotion and Training Unit
  • National and International Grant Projects Unit
  • Public/University/Industry/NGO Co-operation Unit

 Harun Sami CIFTCI

Project Support Office Director