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Project Support Office

About Us

The Project Support Office, which started its operations in 2017, carries out the processes of developing projects, supporting academic studies, and developing project partnerships for national and international grant programs and opportunities for Ibn Haldun University faculty and students.

Our project development and application process responsibilities for grant programs and opportunities:

  • Researching funding sources and opportunities for national and international research and activities,
  • Making announcements to academic staff and students about current fund resources, organizing information days,
  • Providing support and consultancy by identifying suitable candidates within our university for current fund resources,
  • Developing project partnerships, providing support and consultancy,
  • Providing support and consultancy to the applicant in the project application processes, preparing the application package,
  • Providing support and consultancy to the applicant after following the project evaluation processes, approval or rejection of the application,
  • Providing support and consultancy for Ibn Haldun University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) applications,
  • Providing consultancy support for Ibn Haldun University Personal Research Fund (KAF),
  • Publishing the Project Support Office Newsletter.
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