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A Great Leap Forward in Internationalisation: Cooperation Meetings

A Great Leap Forward in Internationalisation: Cooperation Meetings
IHUVATION Project Support Office started international cooperation activities with online meetings with the participation of institutions and organisations from various countries in order to expand the project volume.

Within the framework of the meetings attended by Project Support Office Manager Harun Sami ÇİFTÇİ and University-Sector Cooperation Assistant Specialist Gülcan GÜVEN YEŞİLGÜL, the first meeting was held with the European Center for Education, Science and Innovations in Bulgaria on 15 February. Following this meeting, a cooperation meeting was held with EuroPro in Italy and Future Cast in Ireland on 21 February. Finally, a meeting was held with European Pole of Knowledge in Italy and Adel in Slovakia on 26 February. During the meetings, information was provided on the presentation of our university and our projects. 

With these meetings, it is aimed to increase the visibility of our University at the international level and to expand project collaborations. In this context, it is planned to continue to increase the number of co-operation meetings.