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Production is the key to rebuilding a society on strong foundations and making it eternal. In this respect, our duty is to realise our potential and make the production processes the most beneficial and sustainable for the society we live in. As Huxley said: "If you wait for the best time to start, you may never start; start now, from where you are now, with what you have."

Ibn Haldun University Project Support Office will organise the second project development workshop for a generation that is more productive and aware of its own potential. The whole process from the idea stage of the project to the writing of the project, which will last for 6 weeks, 1 day a week for 3 hours, will be discussed in depth. In addition, in the workshop programme where the theoretical knowledge on project development will be reinforced with practice, experience transfer will be carried out with representatives of non-governmental organisations and local governments operating in various fields. In this context, we expect applications from participants with researcher, critical thinking skills and innovative ideas.

What awaits you at the workshop?

- What is a project? What is a project?

- The role of the "problem and goal tree" in the maturation of the project

- Project terminology

- Literature review

- Project writing techniques

- Establishing the partnership structure in the project

- Supporting document processes

Contributions of the Workshop:

- Today, the level of employability and/or employment quality of the participants will be increased by providing project writing skills for local and international funding calls, which are of great importance in terms of financing, recognition and innovation for all institutions and organisations, including public institutions, non-governmental organisations and local governments.

- Participants will be encouraged to research and think critically and thus the requirements of a critical perspective will be instilled at the point of solving problems.

- Since the project processes are generally related to social life, the level of awareness of the participants towards the outside world will be increased.

- Participants will strengthen their self-expression skills.

- The "ability to work together" of the participants will be strengthened with the motivation of being a good team member, which is one of the most important requirements of the age.

Last Application Date: 26.04.2024

Practitioner / Trainer:



You can scan the QR code to participate in the workshop programme.